Dorota Goldpoint is a favourite designer of many Polish celebrities. She perfectly understands women and discovers their individual beauty, regardless of age or size. Dorota shows her collections on important fashion scenes like Paris.
Her outfits are a perfect mix of luxury and minimalism. The signature marks of her collections are the nobility of fabrics, meticulous workmanship and modern vision of classics combined with French 'joie de vivre'. She works only with natural materials and by doing so she has developed a great passion for fur. She joined FURlab Poland as creative director in 2017.






Shortly after graduating with degree from the fashion academy Artemis in Rotterdam, Django enrolled into the fashion competition Project Runway. After winning the first season of this tv-show in 2007, he was determined to use his fame to launch his high-end fashion line. In 2010 Django approached FURlab to win information about fur techniques and ethics.

The designer, passionate about textile design, immediately saw the many possibillities of this natural material.

In the winter of 2012 Django decided to join furlab as creative manager to further explore the craftmanship and to support young designers in their creativity and material research. As creative manager of FURlab Django keeps the craftmanship alive with the aim on efficiency and innovation.



Furlab is an international team of professionals from various fields. We share a common passion for fur. Our atelier is run by designers who create unique collections under their own brand names and inspire the whole fashion industry. Highly skilled furriers contribute to this process with the craft of tradition associated with their profession, which is essential for contemporary designing and application of complex technologies. That is exactly how Furlab combines tradition with innovation. The PR department consists of experienced communications specialists. They are responsible for constructing a transparent and interesting message about furs. The entire Furlab team operates within a network of design institutions, such as: Saga Design Center, Copenhagen Studio and NAFA Studio.