FURMARK, the new world standard for certified sustainable fur.

FURMARK is the new world standard for certified sustainable fur. FURMARK is being introduced by the International Fur Federation and will be rolled out globally in the coming years. From 2020 FURLAB will only work with FURMARK labeled fur. It means trust for our suppliers, partners and consumers. FURMARK is the worldwide program that regulates the traceability and certification of the fur industry. The aim is to ensure that the highest welfare and environmental standards are adhered to at all levels of the value chain from fur farming and tannery to the designers. It is a guarantee that the fur industry strives to further improve the sustainability of the sector. For consumers it is the guarantee of good animal welfare and the strictest environmental requirements with regard to the origin of the fur product they buy. FURMARK HAS THREE BASIC PRINCIPLES; SCIENCE, INDEPENDENT INSPECTION AND TRANSPARENCY. 1. Certification programs and their individual protocols are all based on science and will be approved by independent experts. 2. Controls are carried out by independent third parties and are publicly available. 3. The certification programs must comply with recognized national regulations and ISEALs (International Standards Accreditation & Labeling Alliance) credibility principles, including sincerity, transparency, sustainability, relevance, accessibility, efficiency, commitment, impartiality, improvement, and rigor. For more information about FURMARK and the certification systems: read / download the brochure by clicking the FURMARK logo