REMIX 2019 again Dutch finalist

For the seventh time a Furlab protege reaches the finals for the world title

Again a Furlab entry has penetrated to the finals of the prestigious Remix competition. Berivan Cemal represents the Netherlands with a challenging, innovative collection. Together with nine other designers she fights for the desired title, most innovation fur designer in the world. She was selected from hundreds of submissions from 23 countries. Her collection was made in close collaboration with Furlab, the Netherlands.

For the seventh time in fifteen years a Dutch entry reaches the final and with that our country is world record holder. In 2013 the Dutch designer Tom Barends was declared the winner.

Remix is organized each year by the International Fur Trade Federation in collaboration with Voque Italia. On 24 February the winner will be announced in Milan during Milan Fashion Week.

The jury consists of Sara Sozzani Maino, Gabriele Colangelo, Astrid Andersen, Bryanboy and Samantha De Reviziis.

Remix is ​​entirely dedicated to sustainability this year. In addition to technical innovation in the use of fur, the participants must convince the jury of the manner and philosophy on which they place sustainability center stage in their collection. Both with regard to the processing and the origin of the fur varieties used by them.

Berivan deserves her place in the finale, 'says creative manager Furlab The Netherlands, Django Steenbakker. “Berivan is aware of humanities footprint on nature. The origin and the process of how materials are obtained are very important to her. Therefor she choose to use Greenland Seal skins supplied by Inuit society. Seal skins are a by-product of Indigenous people living by sustainable hunting mainly to provide food for both men and other animals within the community. Next to her conscious choice for this green material, Berivan is inspired for her concept by valse advertisement that is send out through media by anti-fur organizations and their mix-up between emotion and the rational way of thinking when it comes to the use of natural fur and the future of our environment."

Berivans first Of three outfits