Dorota Goldpoint collection 'Desires for freedom' at great height

On 12 October in Warsaw, Dorota Goldpoint, designer and creative director of FURlab Poland, literally and figuratively rose to great heights. In one of Warsaw's most trendy rooftop bars and against the backdrop of the ever-growing skyline of this bustling city, her surprising collection of 'Desires for freedom' saw the evening light. Elegantly parading around ice sculptures, their lower legs clad in a thick, icy mist, the models reflected Dorota's handwriting. Classic and innovative at the same time with plenty of use of natural materials. And of course a lot of fur, especially mink and fox, in this wintery atmosphere. In many forms from oversized full fur coats to subtle details and accesoires with which 'a little is more' effect was created. This is partly the result of her work as creative director of Furlab Poland, to constantly look – together with other designers - for new ways to integrate fur into fashion. She is a strong advocate for using fur as a natural, sustainable fashion fabric with a lifespan of upto 25 years. A free spirit in a world that is longing for a new, more sustainable form of fashion, away from throw away fashion and collections changing at the speed of light. A society that also longs for more tolerance and connection. With her collection 'Desires for freedom' Dorota could not have named and visualized the ´zeitgeist´ better. A message of warmth, from a great height at a great height.