Global campaign points to the sustainable qualities of fur

The International Fur Federation, together with its members in dozens of countries, started a global campaign. Under the motto 'Fur, the responsible choice ', the sustainable qualities of fur are brought to the attention of designers, fashion manufacturers and consumers. It is time to know the facts about the advantages of using fur compared to fake products such as fake fur and many synthetic and polyester materials used in 'fast fashion'.

'' The fashion industry is at the start of a fundamental debate about what sustainable fashion is '', says Ron Haarman, Furlab spokesperson, motivating the campaign. '' Sustainable fashion starts with the choice of the right materials. The question is whether we opt for natural biodegradable materials such as fur or for oil-based plastic materials that eventually pollute our oceans. Do we choose for natural resources that are always plenty when used wisely or for the dead end road of fossil resources. Do we choose materials with a lifespan of up to 25 years or continue to buy disposable fashion that does not survive even a season. Fur has such a long lifespan and can also be reused several times for new outfits. As a fur industry we are convinced that fur as a natural material plays a prominent role in the sustainable fashion of the future. The new generation of fashion designers is showing a lot of that choice. Furlab works every year with dozens of them to integrate fur into their collections in an innovative way.

Sustainability also means transparency about the origin of fur, animal welfare and the other environmental aspects such as dressing the furs. The fur industry is currently working hard on the introduction of Furmark, a label that provides consumers and fashion stakeholders with accurate information in all these areas. The ultimate goal is that the fur can be traced to even the fur farm of origin. The furs from Europe may only come from Welfur certified fur farms. Welfur is the world's most advanced animal welfare monitor system that measures animal welfare on a multitude of factors. It has been realized through a collaboration of several European universities. Finally, the furs should be dressed in dressing companies that meet the highest environmental requirements. Transparency is also put into practice in the most literal way. On fur farms around the world, people are welcome to experience the living conditions themselves.

Want to know more about the sustainibilty of fur? Read the campaign brochure, Fur the natural choice.