Furlab protege reaches world final Remix

Fashion designer Clara Huber represents the Netherlands in the final of the prestigious REMIX design competition in februari 2018 in Milan. Her collection has been realized in close collaboration with Furlab.

This competition is organized every year by the International Fur Trade Federation in cooperation with Voque Italy. Remix brings together dozens of designers from around the world who compete for the most innovative use of fur in fashion.

'' A fantastic milestone '' responds enthusiastically to Django, creative manager of Furlab Nederland. '' It's the sixth time in six years that we can accompany a great talent to the final. It does not surprise me that this time Clara has penetrated the best ten fur designers in the world. Her designs are characterized by an out of the box approach towards fur. Her conceptual way of working gives a playful and contemporary feel on how she sees this natural material. For her graduation collection she made optimal use of the different textures and volumes in an efficient way. She managed to get more out of less by applying different innovative techniques. This gives her work a light weight and flowy effect.

The interest of young designers is unmistakably growing. We are becoming increasingly aware that we have to make a choice through sustainable fashion made from natural materials instead of the fast disposable fashion of synthetic materials. Fur fits exactly in that trend ''.

More information about Remix https://www.wearefur.com/fur-fashion/remix/