Our Triple I philosophy: To Inspire, Innovate & Inform

Embarking on a path of progress and innovation always starts with inspiration. To fuel this ongoing process, we demonstrate the amazing new faces of fur, developed over the last year, at workshops, lectures, seminars, webinars, social media and campaigns in traditional media. We reach out to everybody who wants to be dazzled by fur of this time.

From inspiration comes innovation. Designers continually re-invent the way they work with fur and shape their designs based on their own aesthetic philosophy. By finding their own looks, the landscape of new working techniques, optical effects and structures has changed a lot. These techniques are an ongoing process that is of the utmost importance for the future of fur as a fashion fabric. It is a two-way street. Being inspired by seeing the endless possibilities of fur, ignites the desire to take it one step further. We seek cooperation with everybody who wants to take part in the exchange of this creative energy.

Working with fur or wearing fur requires a sufficient level of knowledge of the sources of origin and the way fur is produced. Educating and informing our fashion partners and consumers is one of our core tasks. It is all about reliability and transparency and a guarantee that we only work with furs that live up to the highest ethical standards.