FURMARK,  the world standard for certified sustainable fur.

FURMARK is the new world standard for certified sustainable fur. FURMARK is introduced by the International Fur Federation and will be rolled out worldwide the coming years. As from 2020, FURLAB will only work with FURMARK labelled fur.
It means confidence; confidence for our suppliers, partners and consumers. It provides clear protocols for the fur trade to adhere to. For consumers, FURMARK delivers the reassurance needed to confidently buy natural fur. The certification is transparent, traceable and readily accessible. FURMARK means commitment. Across the entire supply chain, FURMARK ensures that each step of the production process meets strict requirements which reflect various globally recognized animal welfare and sustainability standards. From farmers and trappers to dressers and designers, FURMARK brings everyone together to codify good practices. FURMARK reaffirms the value of fur as the most natural luxury item. It is a collective effort to deliver global standards. This brochure outlines how the fur industry, as a whole, will ensure the sustainable and responsible production of fur through systematic certification programs.

FURMARK is the global program over - seeing fur trade traceability and certification. It is in place to ensure the highest welfare and environmental standards. It is an assurance that the fur industry is striving to further im - prove the sustainability of the sector. For consumers, it is the guarantee of good animal welfare and the origin of the fur product they are purchasing.


Certification programs and their individual protocols are all based on science and will be ap - proved by independent experts.
Verifications will be conduct - ed by third parties and publicly available.
The certification programs must meet recognized national regulations and ISEAL’s (Inter - national Social & Environmen - tal Standards Accreditation & Labelling Alliance) credibility principles including truthfulness, transparency, sustainability, relevance, accessibility, efficien - cy, engagement, impartiality, improvement, and rigor.

For more information on FURMARK and the certification systems:  read/download the brochure.