We adhere to our five moral principles:

We support the pro-animal use philosophy: Humanity as a part of nature has the same fundamental driving force for survival as any other species on our planet: we depend on the use of natural resources. Humans interact with nature and have human/animal relationships for a variety of reasons whether it is for food, clothing, sports or companionship. We are not separated from nature, we are a part of it.

We acknowledge our moral obligation that we should interact with nature in a way that serves our human interest, but by doing so, we also respect and take responsibility for nature and our planet itself. Our principal responsibility is to conduct our trade based on environmental sustainability.

We support the view that animal/human relations should be built on the following pillars: respect for the integrity of any individual animal; only harvesting nature’s supply; the guarantee of animal welfare and animal-worthy lives; scientific evidence as the basis for welfare assessment and moral consistency (laws need to take into account the interest of all animals).

We support the fundamental right in modern democracies to have a free choice in the relations we seek with animals. This not only fits in with our role in nature but also with the fact that societies are evolving around fundamental values like openness and free will instead of value-imposing ideologies.

We respect the different moral views we have in our society based on history, culture, tradition and by doing so, we contribute to a society that takes into account both human and animal needs.