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The magic of fur
FURlab is a joint initiative of the Polish and Dutch fur trade. Our work is to spread the magic of fur. Natural fur is one of the most versatile fabrics that finds its way into today’s fashion and interior design. Leading designers and renowned fashion brands all over the world celebrate its diversity. Fur’s aesthetic power to add texture and volume to fashion is unique. New working techniques have made furs softer, lighter and easy to combine with other textile fabrics. It opened a new way of constant innovation in search of new fur looks. Fur has several qualities: it is a natural, biodegradable fabric, is guaranteed sustainable, has a long lifespan and can be re-used more than once.

We, at FURlab have a clear mission: to bring the magic of fur to those who search for its endless possibilities, to professionals within the fashion and design community as well as to consumers.

For our fashion partners, we go at great length supporting them in finding their own way within the splendid world of fur.

To consumers, we bring the inspiration of the latest fur looks and collections from all over the world. FURlab, where fur meets fashion.




For more information about the magic of fur on a national level, please select your favourite country for local fur fashion news, designers working with fur, photo libraries, celebs wearing fur and other fur novelties.





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